Below, you may find all the tools and instruments developed during the implementation of the LIFE AMMOS project. Feel free to use them according to your needs and interests in order to organize your own awareness-raising activity.


This action can include the collection of data on smoking-related litter and/or a voluntary cleanup, an info-day, art activities, i.e. painting contest or children’s theater, Environmental Education workshops etc..


Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you require additional information or clarifications.


Guidelines for organizing and implementing a voluntary action

This step-by-step Guide is here to help you dive into the process of organizing your voluntary action.


Measurement of cigarette butts on beaches

The Protocol provides, with simple instructions, the methodology developed for the measurement of the condition of the beach in relation with the presence of smoking-related litter (cigarette butts).


Print the Form and use it during the field work to write down the results of the cigarette butts measurements.


Fill the file (.xls) with the results of the cigarette butts measurements on the beach in order to extract a statistical spatial analysis of them. The file includes instructions for its use.


Carbon footprint reduction proposals

You may find here an indicative list of suggestions for reducing the action’s carbon footprint, thus ensuring that its implementation has the lowest possible adverse environmental impacts.



In order to promote your action and attract as many participants as possible, you can hang up posters at strategic places accessible and visible to the public. Make sure that essential information, such as the day, date, time, location, meeting place, are included in the poster. You can choose between the Black & White and the Color version of the LIFE AMMOS poster by clicking the respective icon below.


LIFE AMMOS_Poster-Custom


Beach ashtray

The beach ashtray is available in both Greek and English and in different versions to choose from.


EL: Μεγάλο-Α/ΜΜεγάλο-ΈγχρωμοΜικρό-Α/ΜΜικρό-Έγχρωμο

EN: Large-B/WLarge-ColorSmall-B/WSmall-Color


Informative brochure

The informative brochure briefly presents the most essential info, the objectives and the actions of LIFE AMMOS, in both Greek and English.


Fact Sheet

Cigarette butts may be small in size, but pose a serious threat to coastal and marine life. Inform and sensitize the participants about the negative environmental impacts of smoking-related litter by distributing the Fact Sheet.


EL: ΈχρωμοΑ/Μ | EN: ColorB/W



 LIFE AMMOS_Color-Vertical  LIFE AMMOS_Color-Horizontal